Poet and reciter born in Barcelona in 1979.

He writes poems out of necessity, by will and custom-made.


After some time working as a bookseller, he started disseminating poetry in several fronts.


Since 1997, he brings poetry to stages, working especially with the physicality and sound of verse.

He has performed throughout Europe (Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Serbia, Croatia…), Asia (Japan) and America (USA, Mexico, Brasil, Nicaragua, Guatemala…), giving thousands of recitals in all kinds of festivals and cycles. He has received awards in various contests of recitation, including the Osaka International Slam (2009).


He works in the popularization of poetry and gives lectures and courses on poetry, prosody and orality in schools, colleges and universities.

He teaches courses of introduction to poetry and in poetry recitation and staging at the Escola d’Escriptura i Humanitats of the Ateneu Barcelonès.


He has developed poetry spaces on radio and television and has collaborated in art and culture sections of various publications (he published, for more than a year, a sonnet in the Ara newspaper everyday).

He has coordinated for 13 year (2002-2015), along with Ferran Garcia, the HORINAL association (Obrador de Recitacions I Noves Actituds Literàries / Workshop of recitations and new literary attitudes), organizing the poetry cycle of the Horiginal bar in Barcelona and other various festivals (“Exquisits” in Ripoll, “Bau” in Terrassa…).

Now, he coins a neologism every week for Time Out Barcelona and recommends cultural matters on BTV program Àrtic.


He has written several short plays (including: Estat major, Entremès, Ecs!…).

He codirected the transdisciplinary show Wamba va! (Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona, 2005) with Gerard Altaió, Eduard Escoffet and Martí Sales.

Between May and June 2012, the theater La Seca programmed the cycle “Josep Pedrals”, with the plays En comptes de la lletera (play developed with Jordi Oriol, Carles Pedragosa and Àlex Aviñoa) and El furgatori (stage adaptation of the book of the same title, directed by Iban Beltran).

In june 2014, the play “Safari Pitarra” (written with Jordi Oriol) was programmed at TNC.

Is the lyricist of the musical “Fang i setge” (Teatre de la Passió, Olesa, 2014-2015; Teatre Victòria, 2016).


He was part of the funky-pop band Explosion Bikini (1999-2004).

He was part of the duet Guillamino+Pedrals (2006-2008).

He currently leads the ironic pop group Els Nens Eutròfics.

With Albert Sagrera on the guitar, they are the duet: Pedrals+Sagrera.

He creates poetico-musical shows with Xavi Lloses: “Eufèmica au Fènix” (2013), “El dubte melòdic” (2015)

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In june 2013, he was awarded with the Lletra d’Or prize to the best book published in catalan in the previous year for “El romanço d’Anna Tirant“.

In december 2014, he was awarded with the Time Out award to the best creative artist in Barcelona.

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